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This is seriously the greatest movie quote of all time 


sounds about right 




I’m weak


Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They’re dicks
  • Pro: Their dicks

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Shia LaBeouf live-tweets his acid trip.
3:15 AM – 7 Aug 12
OK everybody here goes nothing. I’m gonna light a cigarette. Where are my cigarettes. Brb going to Walgreens for cigs
3:45 AM – 7 Aug 12
the security guard at Walgreens is a crazy guy. there was fire coming out of his head and i told him your heads on fire and he just looked at me
3:46 AM – 7 Aug 12
i’m gonna light a cig
3:52 AM – 7 Aug 12
theres like 4 types of lettuce in this apt. i didnt even buy that much lettuce. what am i gonna do juggle lettuce. alright bye
3:56 AM – 7 Aug 12
indiana jones was the peak of my career. feel very aware that it’s all downhill from here
4:03 AM – 7 Aug 12
i resent my father camping out in my house. ok but get this, its fine… yeah its totally fine he can do whatever he wants. the end
4:08 AM – 7 Aug 12
is this entertaining. is this new media. i dont understand my feet
4:09 AM – 7 Aug 12
you guys ever watch that video of the double rainbow?
4:12 AM – 7 Aug 12
@frankiemunez who’s laughing now? who’s laughing now buddy… checkmate
4:14 AM – 7 Aug 12
my character hasnt seen his brother before. i figured that out. he doesnt even know he HAS a brother. but he doesss have a brother. complicated actually
4:28 AM – 7 Aug 12
i would have sex with lars von trier on camera. i would. but only if its dogme style. im a comedian guys
4:33 AM – 7 Aug 12
im nothing, im an idiot. how did i get here when nothing happened
4:44 AM – 7 Aug 12
what’s the difference btw mayonaise and mayo? is there a difference
4:46 AM – 7 Aug 12
who has my hand i want it back
4:48 AM – 7 Aug 12
i was lying before. will smith is good at rap
4:51 AM – 7 Aug 12
twitter is like the energy that links our brains together. mental lubricant
5:06 AM – 7 Aug 12
i’m wearing three watches and they all have different times. i have a watch on my ankle… damn you… sorry, i love u
5:14 AM – 7 Aug 12
yr gonna see me in yr dream cause i dont know where to live anymore
5:22 AM – 7 Aug 12
im done w this!! im nothing…
5:56 AM – 7 Aug 12
ok guys i dont really ‘get’ sigur ros but theyre beautiful anyway 




David Letterman destroys anime

good riddance

is it over?
are we finally free?

Anime is over